A Week Full Of Cake

Hey everyone! It is May and this year that means a very busy month for me! Yesterday was my baby brother’s 18th birthday! To celebrate we had a basic yellow cake with vanilla frosting and $30 worth of scratch off tickets. It might not seem like much but he loved it and it’s what he wanted. This was not only a big day for my little brother but it was also a big day for my parents because he was the last child my parents had to raise to the age of eighteen. The only thing left is to get him out of high school and that happens the 19th!

I’m sure you are all interested in this week’s cupcake though instead of my little brother’s birthday. This week our dessert plate has triple chocolate cupcakes on it!

Triple Chocolate Cupcakes

Triple Chocolate Cupcakes

This moist chocolate cupcake is filled with a thickened chocolate ganache and topped with a delicious chocolate frosting! Stacked all together and decorated with a flower design, these make for a great dessert piece (and a mild sugar rush!)

This cupcake was made to celebrate my cousins coming to Illinois for a visit. My cousin (who I am very close to) graduated college this past weekend with a bachelor’s degree. Her brothers, sister-in-law, and two year old niece all flew up from Arizona to watch her walk across the stage! So in honor of everyone being home and getting to spend time together I made Meringue Kiss cookies for my cousin, S’more cupcakes for her two year old niece, and these yummy Triple Chocolate Cupcakes. The chocolate cupcakes were a huge hit but everyone loved the cookies and S’mores too.  My little cousin had so much chocolate on her face! She also got her first ever glass of chocolate milk thanks to her great aunt!

My little cousin! She melts my heart.

My little cousin! She melts my heart.

My cousin and I

My cousin and I

Want to learn how to make the adorable flower design on these cupcakes? Check out this wonderful How-To from Simply Sweets by Honeybee!

Don’t forget to check back next Thursday to find out what cupcakes I make for Mother’s Day!


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