Sweets for Breakfast: Cupcakes & Coffee

“Remember when your mom always told you not to eat ice cream for breakfast? Well don’t listen to her.  Sugar is best eaten at breakfast. It gives you a boost of energy to get you going and time to burn it all out of your system.”

A few semesters ago in my college studies, I had a science teacher tell me this. Of course being the gigantic sugar addict that I am, I loved hearing this!  So when I found the following cupcake recipe in Better Homes and Gardens: Cakes!  Magazine, I fell in love. If you love homemade food, this magazine is a great buy!


Super yummy!

Super yummy!

This is a Mochaccino Cupcake full of yummy chocolate and coffee goodness! This soft coffee and chocolate cupcake is topped with a sweet coffee buttercream frosting and rich in flavor!  I love this cupcake. It’s the perfect melt-in-your-mouth dessert that is quick to make. It also makes a pretty great cake!

Add a half a cup of coffee to your favorite chocolate cake recipe and a quarter cup of coffee to your favorite buttercream frosting to make these flavor packed cupcakes!

(Side Note: All cupcakes can also be turned into cakes, it just takes longer to bake! Cupcakes are also a great way to test a new style without having to have too much of it!)

Make these up the night before, get some sleep, and then wake up to a delicious energy boost and a cup of your favorite coffee!

So what non-breakfast items do you enjoy for breakfast?